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Race Rules

  • Rules & Regulations of National Level MTB Event

    1. 1. This is an MTB race event.
    2. 2. The race shall be conducted by the Technical team of CFI.
    3. 3. There shall be the following categories for the race:
      • i. Elite Men
      • ii. Elite Women
      • iii. Amateur Men
      • iv. Amateur Women
  • Mandatory requirements for Elite Category:

    1. 1. For the Elite category, the cycles should be as per the specifications prescribed by the International Cycling Union (UCI).
    2. 2. Riders shall be between the age group of 18-40 years.
    3. 3. Elite riders, who have participated in International/ National / State Championship / other recognized races of UCI/CFI, are eligible to participate in the Elite category.
  • General Rules

    1. 1. Winners of the race will be determined on an Individual classification basis and as per the order of finish.

    2. 2. First 2 laps 80% rule will be observed (rider must finish his/her lap within a grace time of 80% than the lead rider) and failure shall result in elimination.

    3. 3. Amateur riders, who have experience in participating in at least 2 amateur race events, are eligible to participate in the amateur category.
    4. 4. Registration shall be based on first come first serve basis.
    5. 5. Proper riding gear, including helmet is a must.
    6. 6. Medical examination of all the riders shall be carried out everyday from three days prior to the race and only those riders, who are cleared by the medical team, shall be allowed to participate. The decision of the medical panel shall be final in this regard.
    7. 7. Considering the altitude of Leh and the requirement of acclimatization, riders registering for this event are required to arrive in Leh at lease 4 days prior to the event.

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  • LENGTH: 60 Kms. (Approx)   |   Laps: 6

    Setting out on the outskirts of Leh, this route will send you on a sprawling anti-clockwise loop through urban fringes of Leh, passing through the local market before reaching the course’s highest point on the northern tip andthen sticking to the downhill quiet lanes, avoiding the townsideand heading alongside some of the most stunning sights of the valley along the way.


    Continuing alongside the Karakoram range, the route heads back towards the South Downs for a handful of rolling hills that wait as you’ll skirt around turns before putting in the last few kilometres to cross the finish line.


    1. To assist you to reconcile with climatic environment of Ladakh, a dedicated proficient team of medicos would be at your disposal a week before & during the event.


    2. Mechanical and service support would be provided for during the training & main event through our Race Support Partner.



This would be a prize money based event where top riders would be awarded with prize money cheques. It would be a great accomplishment for any rider to finish the NORTH QUEST CHALLENGE LADAKH 2018 and CFI along with the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) shall reward riders who compete in this event with an exclusive certificate to be awarded on the evening of the Race during the ceremonial music festival.The top finishing rider will be presented with a top of the line MTB bike


Prized Jerseys


Yellow Jersey for the top rider.
Orange Jersey for the second best rider.
Green Jersey for the third finishing rider.
Pink Jersey for the best female rider.


Award ceremony & afterparty


Award winning ceremony would be followed with a revelling evening full of music, fun & frolic and a unique opportunity to interact with other participants, volunteers, Hill Council & CFI dignitaries.

Gearing Up

Prepare for riding at altitude by arriving at least a few days ahead to allow yourself time to acclimatize. Here are some of the ways to cope with the elevation:



Your body begins to adjust quickly to the thinner air, and acute symptoms should fade. The complete process may take three to five days from your initial exposure to high altitude and progresses from there. The longer the duration, the greater the degree of acclimatization. Your cycling performance will always be reduced compared with your performance at low altitude.


Pacing your rides:

Altitude changes racing strategies because some athletes cope with the conditions better than others. Riders who live at high altitudes or who have spent time adapting to high altitude have an advantage, and they can push the pace to put their low-altitude rivals into difficulty. But all riders have to understand where their limits are and be careful about when and how often they exceed those limits. For athletes who don’t have time to adapt to altitude before coming to ride/race at higher elevations, it’s important to be conservative with pacing so you go as fast as you can handle without pushing yourself to the point where you’ll have to suddenly slow down and recover.



At higher elevations, the air is drier and you will dehydrate faster than you do at sea level. Dehydration is one of the primary reasons people suffer headaches when they come to Ladakh, or go any higher location. Drink up, because any amount of good training and preparation won't help you if you're dehydrated out there and your power output and performance will decline very quickly.


All and all, prepare well and don't forget to look around! You're going to be riding through some of the best scenery in the country.


Ladakh's other-worldly pink deserts and, magical landscape mesmerizes one with spectacular gorges, between jagged maroon-hued mountains etched into surreal rock formations. Being in Ladakh you wake up to brilliant blue skies and snow-covered mountain tops, dazzling white behind the barren purple and mauve mountains that edge the valley. It is thrilling to experience this ravishing landscape with white stupas perched everywhere.


An additional bonus for all participants would be an un-parallel opportunity to participate in 7 days long Ladakh Annual Festival sponsored by the Department of Tourism, Inauguration ceremony of the festival takes place in Leh on a large scale with a procession of several cultural troupes from different part of the region. This festival generates tremendous response from both foreign and home tourists. Highlights of this festival are traditional Polo match, Village archery, famous monastic dance, exhibitions of invaluable thankas and other ritual instruments of the monasteries. Hence we would request you to come early & stay late.

Your Stay

Our hospitality partners and our administering core team would manage all your travel related modalities at highly discounted rates. You, your friends and family will have a great stay in Leh as our dedicated volunteers and staff looks forward to having you in town and want to make your time memorable. Our Hospitality partners will ensure that your comfort needs are met after a grueling day out on the circuit.


Through this event it is our perpetual endeavour to strengthen competitive cycling in Ladakh on a national & international tourism forum. Furthermore, through NORTH QUEST CHALLENGE LADAKH 2018, we wish to spread awareness regarding acceptance of eco-friendly means of transport & preservation of the fragile environment of Ladakh region.


Under the guidance &the assistance of CFI, we aspire to encourage children in Ladakh to take up this endurance sport. We wish to popularize cycling in the region by advocating its inclusion as an integral part of the schoolcurriculum and providing educational incentives.


CFI has obliged us with its confirmation to conduct a talent hunt in Ladakh during NORTH QUEST CHALLENGE LADAKH 2018. Selected entrants from this talent hunt would be placed under the year-long training programme of CFI and Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and its development and training arm, the UCI World Cycling Centre’s (UCI WCC) satellite centre in New Delhi, which is only the fourth such satellite centre in the World along with Japan, South Korea and South Africa.

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1. The registration fees for indian nationals: INR 8,000/-

2. The registration fees for foreign nationals: INR 12,000/-

3. The registration fees includes stay for 1 person (on triple sharing basis) for 3 nights/4 days including 2 meals per day.

4. Copy of registration confirmation email is compulsory to be handed over to the management team upon arrival in Leh.

5. For your travel related queries, please drop us a mail at info@northquest.in

6. By registering for the event you agree to the race rules and disclaimer set by organizers during the event.

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From our arrival to departure, everything in North Quest was well managed. The hospitality was amazing, If you talk about stay it was in one the best hotels of leh and with delicious food. The best Event jersey I ever got and The well planned race route with Sufficient hydration points & filling station and debarkation of route. Its My first time in leh with such a great memories. Would love to attend this event again

Samid Sufiyan - Jaipur

When i first came to know that CFI along with Wisdom Holidays are conducting such a race in Ladakh, it excited me more than anything else because the managing team behind this race is different from other races and quality of the overall race was expected to be good.
The race is in Leh, one of the highest inhabited altitudes in the world, which also makes it a highest battle field as well as a highest playground. The challenges in this race is toughest compared to other races, because you are at an altitude where going full gas is a problem, you can exhaust immediately and results can be fatal too. So you need to strategise the race, understand the course and then attack to limits!
The 2016 edition was a tough one with best Indian riders from different states, some had altitude advantage and some suffered but it was an experience of lifetime to be racing in a place like Ladakh. The first edition is always easier because the organisers are playing safe, as the race grows over the years, it tends to get technical and more challenging. So the second edition will definitely be tougher yet more fun and a paradise for cross country mountain bikers.
The route of the first edition was having everything a cross country race should have, a technical downhill, some rolling hills, some flat areas and then a steep climb. From tarmac to trails! Perfect race course for a cross country race platform.
Lastly, this race is not for everyone but for highly trained amateurs and professionals and the scope of the race is to compete well with international races and attract the best in the world in coming years!

Best Wishes!
Aman Puri - +919958703615

North Quest Challenge 2016
Leh Ladakh - unparalleled beauty
Julley Julley....!
Julley is a magical world (In ladhak say Julley when you want to say Goodbye, Thank you, How are you, Nice to meet you, You're welcome)
Ladakh and Leh are the prettiest place in India. Which I can't explain in the words, it was a very comfortable stay, we also had a very wonderful leader and Race Marshall who was taking care of all the services, when we riding or biking through the roads we had a most amazing views of our surroundings it was indeed the best race ever in India..
North Quest Challenge - An unforgettable MTB race..
An Amazing adventurous bike racing at the top of the world in low oxygen, low blood pressure, with the great great killing elevation, to make you toughest and strongest.
why to participate - the route is made by the best marshalls of India..
A charismatic experience....
Yes, I'm coming for the north quest challenge 2017


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